Update 30th July 2014

Dear Member,

We thank you for all for all support during recent problems,

As per recent update it is with great regret  cruisemiles has permanently suspended operations.

The cancellations and subsequent bad PR regarding cruisemiles made new investors feel that using this brand would not be feasible as recovery confidence would not occur.

Although the end for cruisemiles I still hope the work and effort for 7 years has not been wasted talks continue  the software and concept are sound one possibility  forward could be a re-branding under new ownership.

Further updates will be posted as soon as possible.

In the meantime it would help if those active members paid or unpaid register for updates/interest in transfer using this  link.

This will register your interest only and no terms or commitment are needed for members to register.

Again thanks to all our members for your support through many years of good times as well as the recent bad.  No words will show the sadness for members and myself at finally having to throw in the towel .

I am in talks  to have the whole story of the rise and full of cruisemiles turned into a film and book with all profits going to charity.

I hope cruisemiles will be remembered for the good things it done the thousands of people who got to meet and cruise , The large amounts of money we raised for charities around the world and the highs of our party cruises and times together.

I have met so many wonderful people through cm the end of this site is more then just losing my baby for it’s a sad and painful separation of the  cruisemiles family God Bless to you all.

Update 5th July 2014 -

Further to our recent email regarding  recent financial difficulties with cruisemiles and breeches by hackers in sites security  we have suspended site operations.

Rescue talks with new investors continue this week

All Tickets which have been issued upto Beginning of August are fine and valid for travel.

Again whilst company is having problems please do not purchase air fare until tickets are issued.

I know words do not help anxiety recent issues have caused but can only assure I continue to try every avenue open.

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